Assigned to *
Assigned to
Person to be generating the SA
Due By *
Due By
Today's Date *
Today's Date
Create JDE Contract Number *
Retainage *
If JDE contract number needs to be generated, is there Retention?
i.e. 1215, 1230, 1250
i.e. 000999, 007012
Billing Procedure Completed *
CCIP Project *
Prolog Job *
Prevailing Wage project *
Subcontractor Contact Name *
Subcontractor Contact Name
ie Division 9 Finishes
be as specific as possible
Items to Delete *
if using Attachment A Bid Proposal, Email to Dalene
type N/A if none
Drawings & Specs Dated *
Drawings & Specs Dated
enter 0s if no date
PCC Superintendent *
PCC Superintendent
PCC Project Manager *
PCC Project Manager
Submitted by *
Submitted by